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Stories Written in School

A collection of short stories I've written for high school projects, practice assessments, or other hand-ins. Not usually fantasy and often a first draft, but helpful for charting my progress as a writer.

Stories Written in School: Work

Short Story

A Vision of Paradise

A piece of fiction I wrote for an English practice paper based around a character briefly dying and seeing heaven before being resuscitated.

Short Story

Closing Time

A piece of fiction about a jaded barkeep who mans a pub on busy nights that only he seems to remember.

Short Story

Gong Men of London

A short story and duologue between two industrial revolution Londoners who have to clean sewage off the streets.

Short Story

Guilted Exile

An introspective piece about an individual who has exiled himself for unknown wrongdoing and absolves himself of his guilt.

Stories Written in School: List
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